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Showcase Owl Labs' product, the Meeting Owl, and its 360-degree capabilities and features in social media ads and posts.


We created a series of optimized GIFs and images that display the Meeting Owl's functionality and are designed for conversion with buttons and contrast.

Product-focused social media images, GIFs, and animations

Our client needed a cohesive series of social media GIFs and images that showcased the product in a simple way, while telling a story and incorporating their brand elements. We designed and animated custom GIFs and social media images for the client, optimized for engagement and for a higher click through rate.

These animations were designed to showcase Owl Labs’ 360° video conferencing camera capability. We also wanted to improve their conversions on social media and in social media advertisements on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

These GIFs and images performed better than the client’s previous social media images and ads and are still a main part of their social media advertising strategy.

“I use social media as an idea generator, trend mapper and strategic compass for all of our online business ventures.”


Testing and optimizing social media ads

When we first discussed this project, the client had a set of existing images and ads that were underperforming. We took the feedback they had from previous versions of the social media ads, incorporated their brand style guide, and used our own expertise and experience with testing social media ads to create several variations on the ads.

Copywriting and design works really closely together in social media advertising. Headline copy, body copy, button copy, and imagery have limitations and character counts for each social network. We created a matrix of many headlines, copy iterations, button text/CTA copy, and images, then tried several combinations of each.

Through our own social media advertising and testing, we’ve learned:

  • Lighter backgrounds and high contrast between buttons and background colors perform better
  • GIFs perform well for product ads
  • Informative, straightforward headlines perform better than “fluffy” content

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